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Andrade Gutierrez Group began operating in the telecom segment in the 90's. In anticipation of the market opening, it created AG Telecom in 1993. From that point on it grew steadily. Today it is associated to Oi and Contax, both leaders in their areas. In 2008, AG Telecom led the greatest business opportunity ever to materialize in the sector: the merger between Oi and Brasil Telecom.

The first great step took place in 1998, when the company led the consortium that won the Telebrás privatization auction and the operations of Telemar (current Oi), Brazil's largest telecom firm. Another important moment came with the acquisition of Contax, the greatest call center company in Brazil.

Having achieved a new position in the market, in 2008 AG expanded its share in Telemar Participações and CTX Participações (holding companies that control Oi and Contax, respectively). This movement was aligned with the acquisition of Brasil Telecom by Oi, which gained capacity and competitiveness by incorporating the former's operations and rose to the position of "national supertele".

Brasil Telecom and Oi were effectively integrated in 2009, creating a unified company that is the only one capable of offering a complete services package with fixed and mobile telephony and data transmission in Brazil.